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Hate To Love You
"CAN YOU BACK OFF?!" I yelled at Changmin who was hitting the back of my seat. I flipped my mid length brown hair over my shoulders.
"Problem Mihyun?" he asked from behind me.
"Yea, I do!" I called back at him.
"Calm down both of you or I'm turning this car around" our friend Jangmin told us. We were on our way to Lotte World with a few of our other friends. The only bad thing was that Changmin had to join us. He came because his friend Jonghyun was coming along with his girlfriend Eunkyung, who was one of my friends. Changmin has this personality that I really can't stand to be around, apparently he feels the same about me, and so we always get into small fights about nothing. The car pulled into a parking spot, and 15 minutes later and we were finally at Lotte World! We paid for our tickets and desisted what ride we were going to go on first.
"Let's go on a Roller Coaster first!" Jonghyun suggested.
"Ugh…" I mumbled, "I'll sit out on all the roller coasters if you don't mind".
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 2 6
Car Troubles
I brush my black hair out of my dark eyes as I climbed out the second story window. Making sure my white skirt doesn't get caught up I jump to the branch on the closet tree.  My white and pink striped shirt flowed in the wind as I climbed down the tree and snook out of the house. I was what you could say a pretty little liar. My parents thought I was asleep, but who would go off to bed at only 11pm? I wanted to see my Youngmin. Though we weren't dating we mite as well should be. But we kept our skin ship to a level where if we were with friend they would have no idea that he's kissed me so many times. I was his dirty little secret that not even his twin brother Kwangmin knew.  I ran down the streets to where the Jo twins lived. When I reached there house I went to Youngmin's window.  The window was open witch meant that he was awake. I found a rock and threw it into his room. Youngmin's blonde hair and baby like face poked out the window.
"That hit my head
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 3 6
Well there he is, right across the room looking perfect as always. Darn you Donghae for making me love you so much. It's been 3 years of intense crushing and eye flirting that I have no idea how you don't know yet. I fixed my bangs of my deep red hair and tried to look pretty if he ever looked at me. I only had one class at the university with Donghae, Parenting. I didn't know why he was in this class since he was a top star but I didn't question it. The more I got to look at him. No I do not like Donghae because he's famous. I truth liked him. Ever since he said hello and started talking to me I feel for him right then and there. This was the only class where I could stair at him all day and not be called out for it.
"Today we are starting a new project" the professor said. Everyone groaned including Donghae. "I'm putting you all in pairs. You must find out what would you and your partner's child would look like and the cost of raising your child." The professor explained well handing
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 3 9
My Best Friend's Boy
He's amazing, and so handsome! I know I shouldn't be thinking this, because he is my best friend's boy.
I brushed my long brown hair out of my eyes as I clipped in a red bow into my hair.
"Ah~ there we go!" I sighed as I stood up.
"Are you ready to go Hyosun?" my best friend Haeran asked. I nodded and picked up my bag packed with clothes that will last 2 nights. I was going to be the 7th wheel on a trip with my friends. If I had a boyfriend, this maybe a different kind of happiness but then I'm single, yey for watching happy people be together! We ran down the stairs and I hugged my dad goodbye. When I stepped outside I saw my friends all gathered around a old school blue van packed with fun stuff.
"let's go go go !" one of my friends said as they all hopped back into the car. I jumped into the back seat, beside my best friend's boyfriend Baekho. I couldn't help but swallow my saliva hard. I tried hard to not look at his beauty that is Baekho. He has no idea that I think of him in this
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 5 5
"Die zombie!" I yell at my Xbox.
"Just use the diamond pickaxe!" the voice on the other side of the head set said. I groaned as I attacted the zombie. I entered the wooden cabin. Well ok it wasn't real at all, just Minecraft, witch was a video game I liked to play live with some people I've never meet before. But today I was playing this game with 'IPXZerg'. As I like to call him Zerg, we've played this game together over a head set for about 7 monthes now. Though we don't tell each other our names, were pretty close. I know that he lives in Seoul, same as me, and his job always keeps him on his toes, witch is why he can't be on as much as he would like. "how low is your health Bisu?" Zerg asked me. Bisu is my screen name. My real name is Jinhwa Park, I'm 18 years old, and I live with my parents still, and still goes to high school, grade 11.
"I'm at half a heart" I told him. I saw his character throw cake on the ground.
"eat my cake, it will fill up your hearts" he said. I couldn't he
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 4 9
Falling Again
Is it wrong for a boy and girl who broke up to still be friends? Well Yesung doesn't think it's a problem.
"Chaeyun can you make the popcorn?" Yesung asked playing with the DVD player. I watched him wack the player hard once.
"Yea no problem! Extra butter?" I questioned him walking into the dorm's small kitchen.
"Do you really need to ask?" he chuckled hitting it again before the TV Started making sounds. As the popcorn popped I couldn't help but remind myself that this was kind of weird trying to be friends with the guy I use to date. We only date for a short time; things didn't work as well as we hoped. But we agreed to not let out past relationship get in the way of a real normal friendship. Though now I'm pretty sure he sees me as another male. Witch I'm ok with. The alarm goes off of the microwave and I put the popcorn in the bowl adding plenty of butter. I walk back into the living room and I see that 'Blind' is starting to play on the large TV. Yesung signals me to sit next to h
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 4 6
Three Quarters Dead 3
I ended up at the hospital. Best place to check up on "myself" I walked around and finally found where I was last night with the Scheduler. I peeked through the door and saw my body lying there on a bed. A tear started to run down my cheek.
"Are you going in mam?" a nurse asked me. I quickly shook my head,
"No sorry I was looking for the washrooms" I said. The nurse pointed the way and left. As I walked away I accidently bumped into someone. "Sorry~" I said, looking up to the person. To my surprise it was Minho holding a single pink rose.
"Watch where you're going next time" he said walking to the room where my body was.
2 days later 27 days left I walked around the city. My stomach rumbled. "Aigoo I have no money" I wined as I walked down the street.
"Why not get a job?" a voice said. I quickly turned around,
"OH, you scared me!" I said in a panic when I saw the Scheduler inches behind me. he chuckled a little,
"Humans are so entertaining". I looked at him curiously; he was so human l
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 4 3
Put Your Graffiti On Me
I walked into the Apartment I shared with Mir, or that's atleast what everyone calls him. His real name was Bang Cheol Yong but Mir was his street name. I found it kinda cute of him but still. We lived in an uptown loft. Since my parents were shot and killed when I was 17, I stayed with Mir, who parent's has kicked him out at 16. I'm 22 years old, and art's student at Korea National University of Arts. I slid off my electric pink convers and walked into the kitchen. I have long blue, yes blue hair, small dark eyes, and an average height, and I was pretty thin. I started making a sandwich for myself. I wore a pink mid length shirt that showed off my belly a little and yellow shorts with gold chains keeping them up. Suddenly the door opened to show Mir. He walked in and stood by me. One thing you should know about me is I was in deep love with Mir. But if I told him that I wouldn't be able to live here any longer, but wow he was HOT! His long strawberry blonde hair was done up in a small
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 3 11
"Nari, I love you, and I can't picture my life without out you." Ren confessed looking at the floor blushing.
"I love you too"
That was the day 7 months ago I started dating Ren. The thing was for his career no one should know about his relationships with the people around him. He's from a higher up family well I on the other hand is from a more poor family who owned a Raymen shop in the lower level of our house. We couldn't afford much but when we could it was a big deal.  I meet Ren when the childcare I worked for had a program running. When I was leaving for the day I bumped into Ren. It was almost love at first site. The rest is history. But one thing was my parents had no idea I was dating. In fact they were trying to make me go on blind dates. But today that was gonna change, Ren was coming over to my house. We wanted to spend some more alone time together and if I was lucky my parents would accept him, if I was lucky. For some reason my parents had high standers for me
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 3 5
How To Kiss A Girl
I walked around the down town park. "why?" you ask. Well that's an easy question. Why not? After a long day of staying indoors I figured I need some human interaction. Because yea, I am a couch potato. Some of my friends wonder how I'm so skinny. I not sure either but that's not the point. I ran my fingers threw my black hair. I was wearing a pink ruffle skirt and a long white shirt and pink convers high top. Suddenly I felt a hand creep up into mind.
"EEK!" I shouted turning around quickly.
"WO! What's your problem Byun? Watch some scary movie last night?" kyuhyun chuckled. I sighed in relief.
"No…. I just didn't expect you to randomly creep up behind me and hold my hand" I confessed. He pressed his lips into a line trying not to laugh or smile. He grabbed my hand and started walking again.
"It's odd to see you out" kyuhyun teased me a little.
"I could say the same to you Mr. Bigstar" I said looking away from him. He just laughed a little.
"I got the day off, thank you very much.
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 3 2
I'm pretty right? Don't lie to me. My parents don't talk to me. I have no friends. What social life? I sit at home listening to Super Junior well reading Vampire Knight.
"CHOHEE KANG! GET YOU BUTT DOWN HERE FOR DINNER!" Hyunsu my brother yelled up the stairs. I slowly saunter down the stairs to the kitchen table. "You look horrible" Hyunsu teased me again messing up my hair.
"Leave your sister alone Hyunsu, or I won't give you allowance" My dad protected me.
"Chohee why don't you leave the house? You're becoming a nuisance" my mom said. I sighed. 'As soon as you kick my older bother out' I wanted to say but I didn't.
"I'll work harder sorry" I said taking the punch.
"Why not go to the youth group at the church and try and make friends?" my dad suggested. I gave him a do-i-have-too look. He nodded in response.
"Fine" I sighed giving up. I shoved the food into my mouth and ran back into the comfort of my own room. I changed my clothes to something that was a bit nicer, a pink tanktop wit
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 2 3
His Help
"What are you trying to tell me?" I questioned my much older boyfriend Hyesung.
"I want to get married, but not to you. There's about 12 years difference between us and your parents won't like that." He said calmly putting his hand on my shoulder. "What do you think my friends are thinking of me that I'm dating such a young girl? Huh?" I sighed; I knew it was the truth I just didn't want to believe it. "Eunhee let's brake up" Hyesung announced.
That night I walked back to my apartment by myself. My eyes were wet and I half to say I wasn't all that pretty right now. I opened the door to my apartment, when suddenly I heard a male laugh. My eyes widened. "&^@#" I swore quietly to myself. Wooyoung wasn't supposed to visit tonight. I quickly ran into my bedroom to fix myself up. Though I knew my tears wouldn't be able to hide from him, I knew he would at less like me trying to act normal. Wooyoung was my best friend's from public school brother. Though I wasn't close to her anymore I was cl
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 4 10
Three Quarters Dead 2
Chapter 2
"Isn't that kinda like a Grim Reaper?" I asked him taking a small step backwards.
"No I'm nothing like those creepers" Baekhyun sighs "I have a Schedule. Everyone has a sertan time there supposed to die I'm the guy that makes sure people die at that time."
"So you're coming to get me?" I asked. He shook his head.
"You Boomi Kang wasn't supposed to die today" he replayed. I was a little startled on how he already knew my name.
"How do you know my name, and why are you here then?" I questioned.
"Is this a game of Twenty questions or something?" he sighed; "I know everyone and everything about them, and I'm here because of that man right there" he points to a man in a car. This guy was watching the crash site being cleaned up from his own car. Suddenly he clenched his chest; he was having a heart attack. I wanted to help him but the Scheduler held onto me. We both watched as a paramedic quickly helped him out of the car and onto a stretcher onto an ambulance. I started to wonder
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 2 11
Three Quarters Dead 1
chapter 1
~You have a message! You have a message!~
I rubbed my eyes to grab my phone. I looked at who was calling me so early, then I smiled quickly answering the phone.
"Good morning Oppa!" I said into my phone.
"Good morning Yeobo~ Appa-in-law told me to get you to come to  his house" my fiancée Jonghyun Kim said.
"What? Why does my Appa want to meet us this early?!" I complained to him.
"I'm not sure, but afterward I'll take you out for lunch at my Umma's café ok?" he cooed.
"Ok! Come and pick me up in an hour, I just woke up" I told him.
"Boomi Kang, how did I ever end up with a lazy girl like you?" he asked. I just chuckled and hung up to get ready.  I got off my bed and went straight to my closet. I picked out a short jean skirt and a white top. After I finished showering and dressing I went to brush my long dark hair and to do my makeup. An hour later I was ready to meet Oppa.
"You look good as always" Jonghyun said, kissing my cheek.
"stop that Jo
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 5 5
Under Age
"Gina there out there again!" my friend called from the window.
"Again?" I giggled putting on my blue circle lenses.
"It's because you're so popular Unni" my other friend Thora said, brushing my Blonde hair with pink ends to it.
"Maybe it's because you look so much like a forener?" Soohee suggested.
"YEA! How many times do I need to tell you I am a forener" I said a little frustrated.
"Sorry~" she said putting her hands up. "But you really are Korean but your eyes are big, and you normally where blue contacts. Not to mention your blonde hair" Soohee sighed sitting on the couch beside the front door. She wore a black sort sparkle dress.
"It's hard to believe I'm turning 24" I giggled putting on my makeup.
"Unni, look someone is trying to look through the window!" Thora pointed to the window. There was a shadow of someone trying to look in.
"Let's go see how it is!" I pulled Thora with me. She pushed the curtains back and the boy fell over. We laughed in unison as we walked back. Thora p
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 4 3
"Ashi! I'm going to be late!" I grumbled as I stepped out of my company building. As soon as my heels hit the cement, heads turned. I smiled, running my fingers threw my dark brown hair. My sparkled dress twinkled onto the cameras in front of me.
"Hana" the people called my name. I was a singer in a girl group, I just recently had my solo debut and I was the talk around Seoul. I walked towards my car which was parked and walked in.
"Hurry up I'm going to be late!" I yelled at my driver. As we rolled away from the paparazzi, I started to pull off the sparkly dress, and got changed into a light blue dress and put a black belt around my stomach.  I changed my gold heals to black ones. The car started to slow down. "hey, why are we stopping? We're not there yet!" I scolded my driver.
"Sorry, it seemed the car has broken down." He said in a small tone. I sighed and rolled my eyes.
"Well then call a serves!" I said raising my voice. "I'm going to try and find a washroom. You stay w
:icondearbabywithpepe:dearbabywithpepe 3 2


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guise.... did you forget it was my birthday?

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this is such a cute photo and i can tell that Jonghyun would do this sort of thing. Roo us so awesome, acting like a nautaral infront o...


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