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Tenzin steard the flying animal around the sky. "where are we" tenzin asked. "All I know is were somwhere in the earthkingdum." korra said with a huph. Meelo chuckled. "You know varry well where we are miss korra! Your earth-" meelo intuped by korra moving her finger across her neck.
"Earth eh?" tenzin pondered out loud "that reminds me.... I never really got to see you doing your avatar thing yet" tenzin turned around and sat on the back of the flying animal. Korra giggled and looked towards meelo. " I will with do time but first you got to teach me an airbending thingy" korra said ackwardly. meelo chuckled a lot louder this time, making him lose control. "Meelo control your self before you lose the maps" tenzin became serius. Meelo cooled down and got fixeyated on his maps again. A fue hours past and the clouds became gray. "Achoo" meelo sneesed making the maps fly. "well we had to land anyway Amo is getting tyred and pursonetly I think we should too." tenzin looked back to the red nosed meelo. tenzin lovered the animal towards a cave that had leaves and trees growing on the walls. "Well this is a nice place" tenzin looked around. "I think I'll go look for those maps now" meelo said felling a bit acward. He ran into the forist ad disapered from site. "Well now that capian sneezy is gone looking for the maps what shall we do" tenzin asked korra. To an avarage girl this would mean a welcome sechon to a flirting class but she was the avatar and a father, whitch to her was a no, no.  tenzin relising what he just said put his arm around his head and walked to the small botty of water. "Umm how about an airbending lesson" korra said with an open mind trying to doge what was going on in her mind. After all she was a healthy GIRL after all. Tenzin nodded his head whitch made his arm move from it's lockashon and put his arm around korra. "Then you can show me some of that avatar stuff he leaned in. Korra laphed well a small blush came across her face at the site of  his arrow and the smell of him. They stopped walking and turned around seeing meelo run up to them. Tenin amedetly moved back and removed his arm so meelo did not think that any funny bussinse was going on. " I FOUND THE MAPS" meelo yelled across the cave making an accoo.
"Were just going to do a little airbending practis before we head out" korra told meelo when he was in ear shot. " don't let me stop you" meelo turned his head in a weird way away from them and walked to a stup where a tree had been. "An examal?" tenzin asked the exited avatar. Korra noded well tenzin took a a fue steps away from korra. He moved his arms in a weird moshon and hit korra with an air blast. "wo that is asome! lemmie try" korra souned thriled. she rounded her arms almost the same as tenzin but hit herself insted of him. tenzin walked towards korra with a little chuckal on his face well watching korra fix her hair. he took her arms to show her the way. korra blushed. with a fue arm movements help by tezin korra bended the air and shoot at meelo who was reading his maps. "heyy what was that for?" meelo yelled rasing his arms in the air. meelo chased after the avatar and airbender, laphing. sudenly the boil chaped mountan started to move a little. meelo ran to grab his maps and headed towards the flying leamer byson. before he hoped on the anime hybrid he saw a large piese of earth flying towards tenzin. korra had notest the bolder hurdling towards tezin. she ran towards him as fast as an avatar could and stepped infornt of him. punching the rock easly it burst into dust and small chunks of rocks. an overly sised rock did hit tenzin whitch made him fly towards the small lake. korra ran to help out her sifu hoping out her hand to asest. "sorry still need some work" korra gigled. the soking wet tenzin took her and got up. using one hand to airbend him self dry well holding korra's warm hand. tezin blushed a little not wanting to let go. korra felling motherly- no fatherly disited he just need his dad at the time so she let him hold her hand. meelo not knoing this was sticking out his toung like it was grose seeing for what was on the out side a teenage boy and girl holding hands. meelo turned around to see a butiful young lady and an old woman. this eyes open wide at the site of the younger girl. he ran up to her. "so what's your name? or an even better queston do you want to do an activaty together" meelo asked shyly yet hypped up. korra gigled and walked towrds the now big group with tenzin."my name is Bei Meg, call me Meg" the younger girl said blushing and contiued. "and this is my grandma, Toph. and mabe if you try harder" Meg gigled out between blushing and being serius. meelo's eyes fell a little the back up. he hugged grandma toph. "so korra i see you got yourself a boy friend" Meg looked at the 2 benders with linked hand. everyone burst into laphter, even grandma toph. "this is tezin" korra seemed to regang control over herself, "he's the past avatar's son". She continued. Tenzin let go of korra's hand now feeling inbarsed out of his mind. Toph got her gregang control of her old mussals and walked to wards the 2 of them leaving meelo beside bei meg. She wispened somthing to korra "you're a reincarnashon now it is fine if you feel that way about tenzin" toph moved towards tenzin now. "You look so much like suger queen now but you have your father's whit." toph said warmly. She punched tenzin in the arm. "Ow that's pritty rough for an old lady" tenzin rubed his arm. " I'm mabe old but I'm young at heart." toph finished and turned around to see meelo flirting with bei meg. She hit him in the ribs and and grabed hold of her arm. Meg looked at korra and back at her grandmother. "I would like to join you on your training with meelo and tenzin, you need more work on earth bending" she asked and looked at sobing wet tenzin. The team looked around at each other. "We would love if you joined us" meelo replayed happly. "TEAM AVATAR IS BACK" toph yelled not being to suseful. Everyone laphed "so where to" meg asked ? "We are on your way to-"

well this took forever! i tryed to bring out more romance in this one and less of the 1st serise avatar the last airbender even tho toph is in this one. just for everyone to know toph and the gang is dead so don't take it to serisely.

by the way i can't spell so don't corect my spelling

KazuTaka51how btw i am a mager fan of did the pics! i sigest to everyone! i give you all the credit for the pics. i did not steal them i got permishin!
TiuanaRui Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2010   Digital Artist
Awesome, (although like you said about the spelling) but outside from that, Toph rejoins the new and improved Team Avatar! =D
dearbabywithpepe Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Student Writer
thanks! i still got 2 more chapetes left to go.... i hope you'll enjoy those too
TiuanaRui Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010   Digital Artist
K ;P
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